Federal Student Loan Forgiveness

This is our most common service, simply because SO many people have federal student loans - and nearly all federal student loans have the potential to qualify. There are 7 total student loan repayment programs that, when certain specifications are met, will lead to student loan forgiveness. These forgiveness plans, created and funded by the United States government, use financial information to:

  • Adjust and Lower(sometimes to $0) your monthly payment
  • Remove existing loans with a "paid in full" status
  • Reset those loans into perfect standing
  • Enable our government to pay off the remainder of your loans, once your term is up
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Closed School Student Loan Forgiveness

In the last few years, the Department of Education has tightened their For Profit College regulations - big time. This is evident from the observation of for profit schools steadily dropping like flies. This carries both good and bad implications for former students and students that were attending a college at the time of its closure. The bad news is fairly obvious; many people feel scammed by the school, that their time spent there wasn't worth it - not to mention the egregious loans amassed from tuition costs. In some cases, due to loss of accreditation, degrees earned become worthless. Luckily, every cloud has it's silver lining (or at least doesn't drench you completely) So, what's the good news?

  • Some students can qualify to have loans from a defunct college discharged
  • Borrower's Defense to Repayment might just save you from paying back your student loans
  • Some closing colleges will allow students to transfer credits, keeping their degree on track
  • Even if you don't qualify for discharge, if your loans are federal you still may qualify for student loan forgiveness
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Individual lessons

Consolidating your federal student loans can come with some amazing benefits. Private student loans are ineligible, unfortunately, but as long as your federal loans aren't defaulted or being garnished, you're probably in the clear. People consolidate their loans for a number of reasons, the most common of which (that we see) is because student loan forgiveness programs require your loans to be consolidated. Other advantages of federal student loan consolidation include:

  • Typically a lowered interest rate
  • Old loans shown as "Paid in Full" on credit reports
  • A fresh loan is put in place for the total sum, which can be a valuable credit building opportunity
  • Makes managing payments much easier
  • Allows you to pretty much take your pick of repayment plans
  • Decrease Monthly Repayment Amount
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